Partners in Ministry

2015-01-17 13.18.13This week has been very busy and I write this post today from our very own couch in our little house in Pine River.  We have had meeting after meeting this week and it has been awesome!  We have met with a non-profit that collects hospital supplies and equipment and donates them to missionaries.  We hope to be getting quite a few items that we need for the hospital project and all we have to do is pay to get them to Gembu!  We have met with individuals, churches, small group Bible studies, as well as our wonderful travel coordinator who orders our plane tickets and always gets us the very best price!

Today I am struck with how it takes ALL of us to do the work in Gembu.  The picture above are some of our partners making the Days for Girls kits.  Isn’t it amazing how God can bring people together using the gifts He gave them, to accomplish His purpose here on Earth?

I, for one, am humbled and excited that He chose me to work in Nigeria!  He has created each of us for a purpose and it’s our job to listen!  How is your hearing today?


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