A Journey in Review!



Today it dawned on me that it was November 6, 2011 when Ivan Veldhuizen asked Dan and I to pray about going to Nigeria.  Now, this seems like a long time ago, but not so!  This is what God has helped us do these last two years.  We went through the process to become missionaries, we went to Nigeria, I was shot in Nigeria and recovered, we were commissioned by Converge as missionaries to Nigeria, we got rid of 2/3’s of our belongings, we got our house ready to sell, and sold it, found a place for mom to live, Katie and Robert are settled in a cozy house, found a great home for Lola, our fur-child, quit my job, and managed to finish out gracefully, made the decision to have Dan’s hip replaced before we go to Nigeria, and are currently at 57% of our funds needed to leave for Nigeria.  Two years ago I truly thought that we would be in Nigeria by this time, but God is getting us there and giving us the strength and encouragement to get there.  Thank you to all of you standing beside us these past two years, praying, giving, and loving us.  We are only here to this point because of God’s goodness and your support!

My point for today is that we are members of the body, Dan and I are getting closer to being in Nigeria each day, but we need YOU to stand beside us too!  Thank you!

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