A shelter in the time of Storm

treeWe sang the song, “A Shelter in the Time of Storm” this week during one of our staff devotions.  This started me thinking on something that I have really noticed is different here in Nigeria compared to Minnesota.  Here is a picture taken from under a beautiful tree in our front yard.

In Nigeria trees are part of the natural resources that serve a number of purposes.  If it is raining, it protects you a bit from the rain.  If it is hot, it provides shade when it is hard to find anything that isn’t hot.  Here in Gembu, we have a lot of eucalyptus trees.  These trees are strong and very tall.  Some farmers and ranchers have planted these trees in rows and have attached their fence to the trees.  It is much harder to break through a fence that way and provides a natural barrier.  A young man is building a home on the property behind the Clinic area and he asked if he could cut a few of our trees to use as rafters in his house.  In many villages, the town meeting place is under a big tree.  Our favorite mechanics “shop” is under a tree.mech shop

This week we have also had rain.  One evening it was so loud in the house Dan and I couldn’t hear each other talk.  We were very thankful for the sound, secure house to keep out the storm!

I am so thankful that we as Christians do have a shelter when life gets stormy.  Problems with relationships, jobs, finances?  Jesus knows and there is much peace that even though the situation may not have changed, it is a comfort and true shelter to know that you are not alone in life’s storms.  I also got to thinking about how we as Christians CAN be a shelter for those that don’t know our Jesus.  Are we willing to help?  Do we lend a listening ear?  Do we display grace in every situation?  Do your loved ones AND others consider you a source of wise, non-judgmental, yet truth-speaking counsel?  I pray daily for this, as this is not something that comes natural to useuc humans!

My point for today is this:  If you know Jesus as your true shelter, how are you showing Jesus to your world?  Is there something supernatural about how you handle what life throws at you?

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  1. thank Goodness Jesus is in charge. So comforting to give him our burdens then watch as he works them out.Thankyou

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