A Sunday in Gembu and Kakara

Today was a beautiful day (again), the weather was warm, sunny, a cool breeze. We ate Christopher’s wonderful sweet rolls and caramel rolls and coffee for breakfast and headed out for church at 8:00. I wore one of my new Nigerian Cloth dresses (which I love), and Dorothy tried to tie a head scarf on me because women have to wear a head covering to church. Well……after laughing hysterically because I looked like Aunt Jemima, I opted for an extra hat of Dorothy’s!
We drove for about an hour or so. The roads here are so interesting, sometimes very flat and smooth, and then non-existant. Well, we got to the church in Kakara. The Kakara Baptist Church got a little stir, because they had guests. It was obvious who the guests were! Art and Dorothy are very familiar with this church, as it has been one of the most supportive for Village Meetings on HIV/Aids and testing and information.
They were singing when we got there, so we “snuck” in. They sang, danced up and put offerings in, sang, and sang some more. It was a wonderful, worshipful, loud joyous experience. The Pastor gave a wonderful message on Esther, and For such a time as this. He related this to the challenges currently facing Nigeria right now and that Nigerian Christians are here for this time.
The Pastor invited us to his house, and some of the church people brought some cold Maltex (cold is not easy to come by with only generators for electricity), and most places can’t afford that. Dan and I liked it and Jim not so much, and Pete kinda liked it. It kind of tastes like molasses, only different. Very high in B vitamins too!
We said our good byes and started back home, we got back about 1:00 and read for a while, and had a wonderful lunch that Courage fixed for us at 2:00. Then it was time for a Sunday nap! Laying on the bed, cool breeze blowing over me, hearing the bleating of sheep, a little laughing in the distance and the sounds of Gembu.
When we woke up we listened to the last part of the message that Pastor Bob preached at Edinbrook today, the prayer and last song, then walked back over to Art and Dorothys.
We are now talking with Art and Dorothy about how they first started here, and the huge way God has worked here in 8 1/2 years.  God is good!!

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