A week in the life of…..

2015-01-20 11.23.11This week we have been working on preparing to go back to Nigeria.  Working on getting medical equipment, working on a container, preparing our Days for Girls things that we need to prep before we go back as well as a couple of meetings in the Pine River MN area.

This week it has occurred to me how many more people are fully engaged in my life now.  People gathering things for us to take back to Nigeria, people funding so many different aspects of ministry, people loving on us and encouraging us in so many ways!  God has truly blessed Dan and I as we have ventured out, following God’s plan for us.  We love talking about Nigeria, and are looking forward to getting back there to implement the things we have been working on.

My point for today is this:  When you go where God leads, that’s where the party’s at! (taken from one of my favorite songs).

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