Are you in the Army?

2014-11-25 08.54.39Yesterday I was walking down to the Clinic with one of the student that helps us here I started to put my foot down and Ekonnel said, “Ma, don’t step on the army ants”. I was intrigued as I always have been about critters and things. I took a picture and, as you can see this group is going in a straight line. Here in Nigeria there are lots of ants. I am very intrigued by these army ants though. Guess what? Thousands and thousands will travel all together in a straight line or fan out and all travel to the same place. If your house is in the path that they are taking, they will go right through your house and eat anything that gets in their path. They are a force to be reckoned with.

As I was reading about army ants and how interesting they are I got to thinking. I wonder how many Christians are out there? I wonder what would happen if we all got over ourselves, and voted as God would have us to, were employees like God wanted us to be, loved His world and the people in it like He wants us to. I wondered what would happen if we told all hurting people and people in need about what God has done in our lives and started really listening to them and developing a relationship with them and getting out of our comfort zones. I think we would be a force to be reckoned with! Think of the early church – People and “the establishment” didn’t know what to do with them! They were the first to care for orphans and widows as well as caring for each other without thought of themselves.

My point for this week is this: What if we all stopped trying to push our own agendas and started working together and networking for the benefit of human kind? Would we be a force to be reckoned with?

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