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What are you building?

Well, here in Gembu at GECHAAN we have had a lot of building going on lately.  Here are bricks that the brick makers have made and they are drying in the sun.  They have been working all week making them. I got to thinking about how we prepare for things in life and this occurred… Continue Reading

World AIDS Day 2015

Today is December 1.  World AIDS Day.  Here at GECHAAN we have been working for the past two months preparing to get the word out about HIV/AIDS and raise awareness.  It is a wonderful opportunity as we are free to go around our whole community and “preach” AIDS awareness outside our clinic walls. Despite major… Continue Reading


This week I am excited about Thanksgiving.  Last Thanksgiving we were in Nigeria, but we were so busy getting ready to leave for the States for Nigeria’s elections, we did not do anything different or special, we just kept on working.  Well, this year we get to have Thanksgiving with American friends who are also… Continue Reading

Living in a World of Two Homes

I have been puzzling on this the past couple of weeks and I want to share it with you. How is it that when you have lived most of your life in Minnesota, half of the time in the Pine River area, and half in Brooklyn Park area, besides the cultural differences in just moving from… Continue Reading

It Should Be So Simple

Earlier this week I had a day when I was sad, disappointed, over-whelmed, and mad! The thing that happened was ANOTHER baby was diagnosed HIV+.  This is not a rare occurrence around here unfortunately.  It happens at least 5 times weekly.  You see, Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) is the number one way new cases… Continue Reading

Just “Wow!”

Friends, this week I was once again reminded of how God puts people and circumstances into our lives and how we react to them contributes to our growth as individuals. I guess what I’m getting at is that the things that God has “planted” deep in our hearts, really without thought on our part is God-given… Continue Reading

On Life and Living

Sorry Friends, my last post was about 7 weeks ago!  During that time we were back in Minnesota for Dan’s father’s Memorial Service.  This time has led me to a lot of reflection as well as busyness over the past weeks and I would like to share some of these thoughts with you. I was… Continue Reading

The Perils of Perfectionism

This week as I have been teaching a young woman how to measure and cut fabric for our Days For Girls kits an old enemy has tried to rear its ugly head.  What is my nemesis you ask?  Perfectionism.  As a child, I tried to please everyone.  I like making people happy and it made… Continue Reading

Love Mercy

This week I had a revelation that my life  is  never, ever, ever going to be the same again. Here are some things that I will never do again.  I will never say, “I’m starving” again.  I have seen what starvation looks like and this is not it!  I will never say, “Everyone knows about…..”… Continue Reading

The power of One +

I am so sorry I have not blogged for two weeks now.  While in Abuja I didn’t have internet, yet so much happened and this week God continued to speak to me this week while studying and teaching the Bible Study I am doing with some Youth on Spiritual Gifts. This is one of the… Continue Reading