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A week in the life of…..

This week we have been working on preparing to go back to Nigeria.  Working on getting medical equipment, working on a container, preparing our Days for Girls things that we need to prep before we go back as well as a couple of meetings in the Pine River MN area. This week it has occurred… Continue Reading

All you need is love?

This week we are reminded of “love”, with Valentine’s Day being tomorrow.  I have had some pretty wacky thoughts about love this week and I’d like to share them with you.  We are at Dan’s parents’ house in Texas.  We have gone over to Mexico twice this past week as Dan’s mom had dentist appointments… Continue Reading

Partners in Ministry

This week has been very busy and I write this post today from our very own couch in our little house in Pine River.  We have had meeting after meeting this week and it has been awesome!  We have met with a non-profit that collects hospital supplies and equipment and donates them to missionaries.  We… Continue Reading

On the Road Again…..

Here we are on the road again. We thought our travelling days were over for a bit, but not so! We went to Florida last week and are on a road trip to Michigan with a lot of meetings talking with churches and individuals about funds for our hospital plan. We are also meeting with… Continue Reading

Back in the USA

Dear Friends, It has been a while since I posted. We have been traveling CONSTANTLY and I finally have enough time to think here in Florida to update you on what is going on in our lives. We left Gembu on December 10, heading for Abuja. We stayed with our friends, Mark and Sabrina Holmes.… Continue Reading

Are you in the Army?

Yesterday I was walking down to the Clinic with one of the student that helps us here I started to put my foot down and Ekonnel said, “Ma, don’t step on the army ants”. I was intrigued as I always have been about critters and things. I took a picture and, as you can see… Continue Reading

December 1, 2014 – World AIDS Day

I have a sad confession for you today. Until this year I wasn’t even aware that there was a World AIDS day. I decided today I would share with you a little part of my new world and things that I did not pay attention to because it didn’t personally affect my life. This affects… Continue Reading

What does it take?

It was a Saturday afternoon on July 13, 1985. I was taking care of Andrew, an 11 month old and getting ready for a garage sale. While I priced and folded clothes and things I had the T.V. on. While Andrew was taking a nap, God used that day and that time to rock my… Continue Reading


I am sorry friends, we have not had much for internet the past two weeks. Here is what we’ve been up to: On Friday we saw the doctor for Dan’s leg. He determined it was getting worse and there was nothing more they could do in Gembu. He called his brother-in-law, who is a doctor… Continue Reading

Free to Be!

Psalm 130:7 O Tina, put your hope in the LORD, for with the LORD is unfailing love and with him is full redemption. This verse has spoken to me in so many different ways this week. Of course, the Bible says “O Israel”. But this verse is a personal one for me. I have found… Continue Reading