Off we go!

Today I would like to share with you our very exciting news!  We have our Visas in hand and leave tomorrow morning for Nigeria! We are so excited to be FINALLY leaving!  We know that God has had a purpose for our delay, and are thankful that He knows what’s best and has it all… Continue Reading


I have been thinking lately how very blessed I am.  During this whole process of the last two years of activity Dan and I have been blessed with being on the same page and truly loving and respecting each other.   We have loved talking with people about what God is doing in Nigeria and… Continue Reading

The Land In Between

I am at my favorite Caribou here in Brooklyn Park, MN.  This, as well as the Hedberg’s table and couch have been my “office” since we sold our house in September. I feel that Dan and I have been living in the  “land in between” for so long now, that I’m not sure what a… Continue Reading

2013 – WOW!

Well, I’m sitting here in the Hedbergs house, drinking coffee and contemplating this past year.  Last year on New Years Eve Day we started painting our old house to get it ready to sell.  So much has happened this year that it really blows my mind! Since I am the very short-term planner in the… Continue Reading

My View from Here

  This morning I looked out the window at the beautiful snow falling gently down and thought, “My view from here is pretty good!”. The picture on this post is a Nigerian view, equally beautiful, but different then our Minnesota view.  This got me to thinking about my view of things vs. God’s view.  We… Continue Reading

A Journey in Review!

  Today it dawned on me that it was November 6, 2011 when Ivan Veldhuizen asked Dan and I to pray about going to Nigeria.  Now, this seems like a long time ago, but not so!  This is what God has helped us do these last two years.  We went through the process to become… Continue Reading

A New Life

Well, It is October!  I have been done working at Edinbrook Church for 6 weeks now.  In those 6 weeks we have; sold the house, found a new home for our furry family member, Lola,  (pictured)   moved into a friends basement room, visited some wonderful churches in Connecticut, Visited with churches in northern MN… Continue Reading

Thankful for the weirdness!

  Today I am just feeling thankful, thankful, thankful!  I should finish cleaning out my office, I really planned to be done last Friday.  Life seems to be getting in the way!  Today we have two showings on the house, I brought Lola to work with me.  Thankful we have two showings.  The last two… Continue Reading

We’re on our way!

Dear Friends, Today I am cleaning all of the Winnie the Pooh items out of my office and starting to get it ready for the person coming into my job after me.  It is a bittersweet day.  Rowena, my co-worker, mentor, and very good friend for many years and I had a little cry as… Continue Reading

Best Summer EVER?

Our local Christian radio station’s tagline this summer is, “Best Summer Ever”.  This morning I was in a “meh” mood and thought, “That’s kind of a laugh, this summer so far has been the suckiest on record!”  (Confession time, I tend to tell it like it is, and “sucky” is it!) Let me tell you… Continue Reading