Last Looks ……for now

blogThis week has been full of last glimpses for us.  The picture is my last look off the deck (my favorite place to be) before we left Pine River.  We have said good by to family and friends.  We have the hope that we will visit over the internet or Skype.  We have prayed, hugged, cried, and enjoyed our time with our loved ones and so many friends.  It is time to go back to Nigeria, time to take the things that we have spent the last 3 months dreaming about and working on and put feet to them!

We covet your prayers as we go back to Nigeria.  We try to work like it depends on us, but we pray like it depends on God, because it does.  He has proven so very faithful, in so many ways.  I am floored at His goodness.  It amazes me how I have 2 homes on this Earth now:  Minnesota and Nigeria.  How does God do it?  I don’t know, but I know when you are not at one home, you are missing the other!

My point for today is this:  Enjoy and embrace the time where you are, when you are there.  We never know when that will change.  Love to you, Friends, Signing off from Coon Rapids, MN!

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  1. Dan and Tina,
    So glad you’ve had this time to meet with churches and spend time with family and friends as well as gather many things that God has provided that you’ll be able to use over the next several years. What a good and faithful God we have. Blessings on you as you return.
    Dave and Carol

  2. Sorry we missed seeing you off, but we had grandkids last night. We will be praying for your safety and your ministry. What a blessing to be used by God in this way. Who would have thought years ago sitting on the E-Team together that our lives would have changed so. Love you guys….Karol

    • Karol, I think about that so often! E-Team was one of the best learning and growing phases of my life and you have influenced me and taught me in so many ways! Love you so much and it was so awesome to see you when we did!

  3. So glad you are on your way. We saw the materials donated for the hospital! Will be praying for your safe travels and arrival back home in Nigeria. Love to you both.

    • Thank you, Rowena, Love to you and your family. It is so good to be back home and have a plan. When we left our plan was different, but God directed more effectively! We had no travel issues at all and even got all of our errands done in one day! As you know, that is a miracle in itself!

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