Love Mercy

love mercyThis week I had a revelation that my life  is  never, ever, ever going to be the same again.

Here are some things that I will never do again.  I will never say, “I’m starving” again.  I have seen what starvation looks like and this is not it!  I will never say, “Everyone knows about…..”  Without books, internet, limited resources in an oral society, this is not true!  I will never say, “Do it my way”  This past year I have discovered there are many reasons why things are done in this world and there is a way to approach change, if it truly is the best way to go.   )  I will never take a hot shower for granted again.  I will not waste potable water or take it for granted.  Much of this world does not have this option.  I will not take a hot drink or a cold drink for granted either.  There is nothing more refreshing sometimes!   I will not take my family for granted either.  The daily funeral processions that go past our house each day tell me that life on this Earth is fleeting and we need to appreciate and love our loved ones while we are here.  I will not take access to medical health care (even though I have issues with insurance companies) for granted.  If I am sick, there is quality help available.  I will always to the best of my ability, try to be a ray of hope in a world that has so little hope in it.  I will try, with Jesus help, to not become callous or discouraged about people who are only looking out for what they can get and not for the common good.  I will be optimistically, realistically careful.  I have realized that there is much hurt in this world and I am not able to “fix it”.  I don’t know if you know this or not, but I am a fixer.  It is not my job to fix ANYTHING.  It is my job to educate, pray, and love like there is no tomorrow and see what answer God has.  I must follow where He leads, the job is too big otherwise!  I can only help those I come in contact with.  If I don’t help wisely, I will not be here to help very long.  If you want a good read to help you with this, Read the book, “When Helping Hurts“,  we Christians may have good intentions, but our helping can do more damage then good.  We must be strategic with the resources that are entrusted to us!

Today my thought for you is this:  What experiences in your life have forever changed you to be a better person?  How are you using that experience to reach, encourage,  help those you come in contact with each day?

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  1. Is there any greater truth about living (I know there’s the Gospel first!) than what you have just said? SHAring, BELieVinG with you, and rememberinG LoVe

  2. I love this, Tina! I also love that we will be partnering with you this fall with my Operations Research class. I hope we can think with you about ways to be more strategic with your resources. Thank you for all of the good reminders!

  3. a few things come to mind, things that have happened to me, that I draw from and share on occasion…. sometimes the patients I see need to know it is not just them and that they are not alone.
    I am so proud of you. thank you for sharing as you grow! love you!

    • Dear Jolynn, Thank you so much for sharing! Nurses who share with their patients are truly gifts to them. We are doing the same work, you and I, touching those we come in contact with each day and trying to show them Jesus’ love through us. Thank you for always encouraging me and I am so excited for our next class reunion. I am planning to be in the States if at all possible. Love you and thank you!

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