Monday, March 19

Today Dan, Pete, and Jim worked on outside projects. Dan taught John, the carpenter here how to wire feed weld. They are working on some solar panel things for the solar fridge. Jim and Pete worked with that and with putting zinc on the storage shed as the Generator had to be fixed because it ran out of diesel while someone was running it and needed a guy to come fix it. Dorothy and I ran to the cloth store and talked with the tailor on some things Dorothy wants made before she leaves in May to go back to the states for a couple of months.
Dan and I walked around the whole compound and took pictures and investigated everything. Dan stepped out the land and we had a nice long discussion on the future plans and dreams here at GECHAAN and the future of each of the minstry areas with or without grants, etc. Everyone was tired and supper was very quiet as we enjoyed fresh, homemade buns right from the oven and home made white carrot soup. for Dessert we had chocolate chip pie. So good!!
Today Dan and I did a lot of talking about our plans and things and how we should proceed with God leading us each step. Now I’m off to bed, Pete, Jim, and Dorothy have already headed out to bed and Dan and Art are talking while I’m chatting here. Nighty night all!! 🙂

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