My View from Here



This morning I looked out the window at the beautiful snow falling gently down and thought, “My view from here is pretty good!”. The picture on this post is a Nigerian view, equally beautiful, but different then our Minnesota view.  This got me to thinking about my view of things vs. God’s view.  We see such a tiny part of the whole.  God has a plan and a vision for each of us and wouldn’t it be such a sad thing for us to miss “the big picture plan” that God has for us because we get stuck on our “limited view” of things.

Dan’s hip replacement surgery has gone so well and he is doing great, we are so thankful and looking forward to getting back to visiting churches as soon as possible. Wouldn’t it be a shame for Dan to have continued with the pain and weakness of a hip not working because of the fear of  surgery and pain of healing?  I know this sounds silly, but I think we all do things similar to this because of fear.  Fear of the unknown and fear of change, perhaps fear of not fitting in or living the American Dream.  Friends, I tell you, God’s plan for you is bigger and better than the American Dream.

My point for today is – Are you searching for God’s dream for you, and what will you do when you find it?

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