On Life and Living

2015-09-11 18.26.34Sorry Friends, my last post was about 7 weeks ago!  During that time we were back in Minnesota for Dan’s father’s Memorial Service.  This time has led me to a lot of reflection as well as busyness over the past weeks and I would like to share some of these thoughts with you.

I was originally going to title this post “On Death and Dying”, but thought that kind of missed the point of today’s little thought.

At the memorial service as family and friends reminisced about my Father in law’s dry, unexpected sense of humor and his hard-working, determined ways I started processing something that I typically think about at memorial services.  “What will people say about me when I’m gone?”.  It is not in the death and the dying but rather in the life and the living.

I have determined that I need to be intentional about how I live life.  If I’m not intentional, life keeps going and I keep running behind, trying to catch up.  If I’m intentional, I can better decide how to positively respond to negative events.  I can pray for grace and strength to not treat people as I would not like to be treated.  I can remember where I am is not necessarily where anyone else is on any given subject or in life.  I need to have the discussions I have been putting off for fear of conflict.  Honestly and in love.  When I am gone, up with my Jesus, what will my legacy be to those I love and do life with?

My point for today is this:  Are you living life intentionally or just letting life pass you by?  What will your legacy be?


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