2015-03-22 12.27.13Today was a reflective day for me.  We arrived in Abuja Thursday evening.  Friday we did ALL of the errands we had to do (this is a record, as it usually takes a week to accomplish anything here) and got to visit some friends who have become very dear to us.  Saturday found us leaving at 9:30 am to go HOME.  We stopped at Gboko.

You see, today (exactly 3 years ago) we were ambushed at this spot near Bali.  We stopped to take a memorial picture.  Peter, our driver, was injured greatly, Jim had head wounds, and I was shot.  I think God has a very interesting sense of timing!  Peter is still our driver and doing well except for one finger that he can’t move.  Jim healed up and so did I.

When I think of what has transpired since that time, I get kind of dizzy!  We started on the process of becoming missionaries, filling out lots of paperwork, writing papers,and taking personality tests.  We were commissioned, trained, and started raising support as well as working.  We sold our home, moved in with friends, and continued to raise support.  Dan worked and I worked on support raising appointments until April of last year when we arrived at our goal and were approved to leave.  We thought our Visawould be forth-coming and we finally got to leave in September.  We spent the Spring, Summer, and part of Autumn working around our house, packing things to take, and getting to spend time with Dan’s parents and helping them with what we could.

We left for Gembu on September 23 and spent three months figuring out what is here, what God was leading us to do here, and how to proceed with that plan.

We left Gembu December 16, Dan had his vein surgery the 18th, spent time with family and friends, worked on raising money for medical equipment we need to transition from the clinic to a hospital, connected with organizations that help missionaries with medical equipment, connected with a missionary who can help us get a container of medical supplies over here, and loaded up about 33 pallets of equipment and supplies, as well as 72 solar panels, and equipment to start a mechanic shop.  We also found out and collected all of the supplies we need to get started with the Days for Girls Project and 100 girls kits and 100 post-partum kits as well as receiving blankets.

That is a brief over-view of the past 3 years.  Did we know everything that would be involved when we said “We will go”?  No we didn’t, we took it one step at a time.  Many of done much more in shorter amounts of time, so we know we are not superheroes or anything, but we did what we had to do and just took the next step forward.  Guess what? Go

My point in all of this today is this:  Do you sometimes get frustrated that you are not able to do many things that you think should happen tomorrow?  Take one step at a time forward.  Everyday take as many steps as you can forward, but do not forget the important people in your life in the journey.

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  1. We would like to know what (if anything) you still need for the hospital to make the successful transition to generating the income that is needed over there. That quarterly meeting is approaching again. Can’t believe that almost 2-1/2 months has past since you were here after we met with you. Sounds like your trip back here allowed you to accomplish much more than you thought you would be able to. Private message us if that works better for you. You mission has definitely opened our eyes to needs out there that we thought should have been dealt with long ago. Praying for you to continue to accomplish great things!

    • Dave and Kathy, I have private messaged you! We love you guys and are amazed at how God has given us so many new friends during this time! Thank you!

  2. Love you Tina! Thanks for writing. I am blessed by you. You are an amazing woman and friend. God is using you in amazing ways. Keep going. I am praying for you! Glad you made it safely. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I love to hear what you are doing and what is on your heart.

  3. Wow! How good it is to hear this journey from then til now! “the ways of the Lord are beyond our understanding.” Praising God for all He has accomplished in your lives for His Glory! Blessings! We will be praying and “watching ” to se what is next.

    • Loved reading this. Thank you for writing it. God bless you with peace and safety as you continue to do His work.

    • Thank you, Rowena, The ways of the Lord are truly beyond our understanding! So thankful for your many years of mentoring, patience and love! Please continue to pray. We only want God’s will to be done here and get ourselves out of the way!

  4. I am glad you stopped. Despite the hurts and the injuries, it gives an opportunity to Heal, and reflect how much protection we were really under. Greet Peter and Peter for me.

    • So true, Pete! I have greeted the Peters for you and they send their regards to you and your family! It is amazing how much protection we were under. God has shown us that so many times! Hugs to you and the wiley one!

  5. Thanks Thania! God just keeps giving and giving! He made it very clear that the solar panels should go on the container. We got them at $20.00 a piece!! God said “GO!”

  6. So good to see you, and we are thrilled at all God is doing because of your saying ” yes.” Thanks for the blogging as it helps remind us to pray. Be safe.

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