So Many Meetings!

2015-02-27 10.06.49All right, Friends, this week we have had a lot MORE meetings.  We are working on gathering medical supplies, meeting with individuals and churches for funding for said medical supplies,the container and shipping that it will take to get them to us in in Gembu, Nigeria.  We have been meeting with supporters working on the Days For Girls items and New Baby Kits for our soon to be hospital and then there are the “bananas”.

You see, after eating, breathing, speaking about serious issues and going from one place to another over the past months I find I am taking myself pretty seriously.  It is fun, fulfilling, and we are so passionate about what we are doing, but really, people, this is serious stuff !

Today I have a couple of hours while Dan has some meetings without me and this is the office I am sitting in.   REALLY, I kid you not!  I am sitting here looking at this and HOW can you take yourself seriously?

Who created fun, laughter, love, and families?  My Boss, that’s who!2015-02-27 10.07.36

My point for today is this:  Do not let the serious nature that life is steal your joy.

We serve a God bigger than that!  He created us with our passions, loves, and skills.

If we can’t have joy in that, what about those that don’t know the Master of Joy?


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