The Land In Between

104_3486webI am at my favorite Caribou here in Brooklyn Park, MN.  This, as well as the Hedberg’s table and couch have been my “office” since we sold our house in September.

I feel that Dan and I have been living in the  “land in between” for so long now, that I’m not sure what a “normal” life looks like anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing, just an observation!

Last week we were at 92% of our monthly partners.  I thought, this is so weird, I keep calling and leaving messages and e-mailing and nothing is happening.  I can say it, I was weensily discouraged.  Then I thought, “This is how God has worked all along this journey so far, about once a month we have a big jump in support from all the work during the past month-Keep calling, keep contacting, just because we’re so close doesn’t mean it’s going to go faster!”

Straight ahead!  A dear Pastor friend, Pastor Joel, reminds people frequently, that is our job, keep on, straight ahead toward the prize!  Well, this was the week that God brought the last 4 weeks worth of work for us into our view and we are over 97% of our needed monthly support.  Mind you, this all changed in 2 days!  So friends, I say to you, “Straight Ahead”!  We don’t know how God is working behind the scenes, BUT we DO know that HE has it all under control.  I need to trust, and to tell you the truth, for the past 2 years, one day at a time, one step at a time, with an eye on the future and getting to Nigeria has been our long-term goal.  The very cool thing is it’s getting closer, and then do you think we’re going to live a “normal” life?  I don’t think so!

My Point (albeit fairly rambly) for today is this:  Do you want to settle for “normal”, when God has a better plan for your life? HHHMMMMM………

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