blog 10Hello World!  We have been very busy meeting with people and organizations lining up this container of medical supplies.  We load up supplies tomorrow morning bright and early from the organization donating a huge share of supplies.  Some volunteers will help us pull from their inventory and load up a truck and take it to our friends warehouse to wait for the container to get to come.  We have received wonderful donations of baby clothes, sewing materials and machines, as well as a lot of funds to help us get this container to Nigeria.  We have been prayed for and loved on so much, I don’t know if anyone could be more loved!

As I think about leaving for Nigeria March 18 I am excited to get to proceed with our plans and then how God alters them to be His plan (that seems to be how it always works!)

This is a picture of part of our security wall at GECHAAN.  Many people have given and raised funds to make our compound safer in Nigeria and I hate to say it, but it reminds me of the many walls I have built around my heart as a younger woman.  I was so afraid of being hurt, criticized, even loved that I would keep people at arms length and I was  so afraid of letting anyone in to hurt me.  I’m so thankful my Jesus is constantly chipping away at my walls and showing me He is the ONE I can rely on.  People are human and will let us down and that is O.K.  My Jesus never will.  My point for you to think of today is this:  Do you have walls that are holding you back?  Are they stopping you from loving with abandon?  Are you afraid to come out from behind that wall in fear of being hurt?  May I encourage you to take a baby step out today and see how YOUR Jesus can help you!

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  1. That is just such a beautiful thought with which you end I know it is really such seed for beginnings! Thank you for sharing your journeys. ~ Thania

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